Portfolio: The Victoriana Collection

All of the prints shown below are part of the 'Victoriana' collection. This collection was my first project after graduating, and was a continuation of a module I did in the second year of my studies. In that module I had begun looking into the photography of Lewis Caroll and Victorian fashion as part of my research, but started this too late in the module to really delve into it. So when lockdown began in 2020 and I was placed on furlough leave it was the perfect opportunity to revisit it. This collection has been inspired by the works of William Morris, May Morris and William Kilburn, among others. I have looked at traditional Victorian interiors and artworks to inform the prints that made it into the final collection. There are 8 prints in total, all with multiple colour-ways, and given girls names that were popular in the 1800s.


Side panel left inesrt 2.1a.jpg
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Side panel right insert 2.1a.jpg