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New things are coming...

'Noboru' in Quill Grey

Now that I've graduated and been released into the real world I've started working on a few mini projects that will all marry together when finished - so this post is just to give you all a bit of an update. In-between job hunting (alas, I have to eat somehow), I've tried to invest into my business as much as possible. Most of my time has been concentrated on producing my 'ceramic shard earrings' in preparation for local craft fairs and to stock up my Etsy shop, but I've also spent some time reworking my packaging.

Those of you who have followed me through my degree on Instagram and Facebook will know that for my 'Professional Practice' module I designed luxury packaging using Japanese rice paper and the cyanotype process. As lovely as it was, it's not sustainable now that I am no longer studying or living near university. This is simply because I do not have the facilities to expose cyanotype myself, and it is not feasible to use the university facilities as an alumni as it is now a 2 hour drive away. In theory I could expose the cyanotype using sunlight, but this is not a reliable way of working as the sun moves over the course of the day so can often result in an uneven exposure - plus, during the winter months it could take hours to expose. So I have reevaluated and come up with another idea I'm currently working on - which will use the 'Noburu' print pictured above.

The 'Rinia' print in Flaxen Yellow, Cadet Blue, Smoke Grey and Dark Plum will continue across stacked mugs

As well as reconsidering my packaging, I've been working more on the 'Floral Japonaiserie' collection I produced for my final project at university. A lot of my work was done through cyanotype or other hand rendered processes, so I've been spending some time creating a more digital collection. As much as I loved working with those hand rendered processes, I'm a digital girl at heart, and now that I've left university this is what I'll be working with - so I suppose in a way I'm just digitising the collection. Once this is done I'll be launching a new cohort of greetings cards and introducing some printed mugs - featuring both old and new prints. These mugs will be stack-able, so I've been designing a few sets in which the pattern continues when the mugs are stacked - which will make more sense when you look at the attached photo of the 'Rinia' print. It's all very exciting!

I'm hoping over the next few weeks I can squeeze as much as I can out of the 'Floral Japonaiserie' collection, as I know it has more to give, and do a post revealing the collection as a whole. In the mean time, I'll just subtly draw your attention to my beautiful earrings for sale on Etsy (linked here and on the home page)...


I'm aiming to post on this blog at least once a month to keep you all updated, do send me a message to remind me if you haven't heard from me in a few weeks! Also, join my mailing list (bottom of the page) to get an email each time I post.

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